PVC data line and TPE thermoplastic elastomer material data line difference

    The explosive growth of mobile digital devices represented by smartphones has brought great convenience to people's lives and work. As the medium between the mobile phone and the charging line, it is a data line that does not seem to be too eye-catching, and its importance is often overlooked. And the power of the powerful wilderness must also be transmitted to the smartphone through the data line. If you use a poor quality data cable, it will still lead to a prolonged charging time. Of course, there are more data transmission instability, easy to break, and other maddening hidden dangers, everyone should understand.
PVC data cable
    Unfortunately, most of the data lines currently on the market use PVC material as the outer material, PVC is a relatively inexpensive polymer chemical material. Because of its high hardness and non-flammable properties, it is widely used in data cables, sockets and electrical enclosures. However, because the data line and the user's intimate contact are more frequent, if the user uses the PVC material, it is equivalent to hiding a terrorist: PVC is added a large amount of additives, such as toxic plasticizer, during the artificial synthesis process. Etc., these substances will release toxic substances, which will cause irritation to the human skin, but also cause harm to the human kidney, liver and so on! Moreover, the unqualified PVC material will release more harmful substances to the human body under the irradiation of high temperature and ultraviolet rays.
So, what material is a good data line?
    Data cable with TPE/TPR thermoplastic elastomer material has excellent processing performance, easy to match various beautiful colors, and easy to process, can reach matte or delicate The effect is to make the hand feel smooth and not sticky. The material is safe and non-toxic, smells no odor, and does not cause any irritation to human skin. Not only that, TPE materials have stable data lines, V0 level for flame retardant, non-phosphorus and ozone resistance, and reliability in terms of safety and environmental protection, making it a mainstream in foreign countries. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that the data lines produced by foreign big cattle in the mobile phone fields such as Apple and Samsung use TPE/TPR elastomer materials.
TPE/TPR material data line
So how do you distinguish between PVC and TPE/TPR material data lines?
    In fact, these two kinds of wires are very easy to distinguish, by "look and ask". Let's look at the PVC lines first. Their texture is relatively hard. Whether it is entangled or stretched out, there is always a feeling of rigidity. Moreover, the surface of the wire is usually not finely finished and looks rough and dull under light. After using it for a period of time, the wire will also have various distortions that look unnatural, and it will not be straight or sloppy. Some friends who want to take a picture of Mito must have had a headache. In addition, many inferior PVC data lines smell a more obvious plastic taste, this line "killing power" is very large, we must stay away from it.

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