Regardless of how the times change, corporate success is still inseparable from continuous innovation and quality service, so VCN Plastics has always focused on customers.

Solve the difficult TPE/TPR application requirements and services, and don't change your mind.

In order to better expand the market and uphold the comprehensive service to customers, we need to recruit like-minded people with ideals and ambitions to grow stronger.

our team.

We have enough experience to accumulate, but we are still proud of learning and growth; we believe that we can only stay ahead if we continue to learn;

We are a learning team, we look forward to learning with you, - grow up, - go forward!

If you add VCN plastic source:

You will be able to access a wider range of world-class polymer materials, accumulate more expertise and enhance your professionalism;

You will learn how to make customized services, how to implement peer-to-peer solutions, and help you become a service expert in the industry;

You will realize how to create a business atmosphere with friends and friends, so that your work has spontaneous motivation and natural filling;


Choose more than effort if you work hard enough;

If these are just the right words to meet your career goals, please join us without hesitation!