service support

Product concept
      Product ideas are often unconstrained, and the feasibility is doubtful; while TPE has a wide variety and diverse specifications, manufacturers are often difficult to fully understand and master;
Experienced business people and R&D personnel are ready to discuss the possibilities of TPE applications with customers.
product design 
       In the product design selection, the plastic source business staff is willing to share with customers the experience of TPE applications for many years.
Choose the right and most cost-effective TPE material specification for a wide range of TPE varieties.
If the existing specifications do not meet the product design requirements, the plastic source R&D personnel can develop special specifications for the customer to meet the demand.
Mold design
      There is a difference between the TPE and the general hard plastic in the mold design requirements, and these small differences have a great impact on the manufacturer's production efficiency.
The plastic source business staff is willing to share their experience in TPE mold design with customers, so that customers can avoid unnecessary mold modification steps.
Trial stage
      When the mold is completed, the plastic source technical service personnel will bring samples to the customer's site to sample and provide real-time guidance.
In order to complete the trial and sample phase for customers in the shortest time, the customer can set the materials and put into production as soon as possible.
The plastic source business personnel understand that it is not easy for customers to arrange each sample, and the preparation time and cost required are also quite high.
Therefore, we cherish every sample opportunity provided by our customers and make sufficient preparations before the samples are prepared.
In order to set the material in the first sample process, it is necessary to arrange the second sample.
Production stage 
       When the product enters the production stage, the plastic source promises to ensure a stable and timely supply of materials to ensure smooth production.
As long as the customer provides a clear budget for the materials, we will provide the customer with the inventory to meet the customer's urgent needs.
The stability of quality has always been the most important concept for the sustainable development of plastic source enterprises, so we have been committed to improving production capacity and management level.
Make TPE quality more effective control and guarantee in the process of production.