Example of co-molding of PP followed by series

PPContinuous series of co-molding examples
    In the application of secondary injection molding is not difficult, the most important thing is to choose the right material. The company's PP series of hardness can be 15A to 80A , the higher the value, the higher the surface hardness of the material. Manufacturers generally prefer 45A and 55ATPE, because according to the test human skin hardness between 50A to 55A. Due to the different designs and applications of various manufacturers, in addition to the models that provide general fixed performance, the company can also tailor materials with unique properties to meet different needs.


    PPThe next series is characterized by being able to work with PP produces phase etching  (Bonding)  effects during overmolding. PP and TPE can be tightly connected without mechanical back-up or any adhesive application together. This series of TPE is mostly used for PP toothbrush handles, PPCleanware handle rubberized.


    And the general metal kitchen utensils need to do one more step, first use the insert form PPInject into the metal part (such as blade, scissors metal part ), then TPE is injected onto the PP handle. See the figure below for details.


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