Classification of polymer materials

          Polymer materials are composed of different molecular monomers in natural or synthetic methods, and their classification is as follows:

    Thermoplastics can be plasticized and deformed under high temperature and high shear. It has good fluidity and can be processed by general injection molding machine, but it is hard and lacks elasticity after cooling and solidification, and has cyclic plasticity.


    Natural rubber and synthetic rubber have superior elasticity and shape memory, but the processing is complicated and needs to be vulcanized. Forming, can not be processed by general injection molding machine, can not be recycled.

Thermoplastic elastomer(TPE)Different from general thermoplastics and thermoset rubbers, it has the following characteristics:

  • Vulcanized rubber at room temperature(elastic )
  • plastic deformation at high temperatures, can be formed by general plastic injection molding machine
  • No vulcanization, waste can be recycled.