Dual material application

Dual material application

     Because of the popularity of consumers, double materials The application has formed a trend in recent years, and the application range is extremely wide, from toothbrush handles, comb handles, cleaning handles, tool handles, scissors handles and other daily necessities to flashlight handles, air duct handles, electric iron handles, electric For household appliances such as toothbrushes, manufacturers do not want to add a layer of TPE to make the products more diversified. The market is expanding and its application will be more extensive.

In general, TPE dual-material injection produces the following features in product design :

  • have a soft and comfortable feel on the surface of the product

  • Providing products with anti-slip functionality

  • Improve product impact resistance

  • Adding value to old products and upgrading product levels


Processing method

1. Multiple Material Molding< /span>

    Multiple Material Molding with multiple materials Co-plastic injection molding machine (commonly known as two-color machine) processing, two-color machine is generally divided into two different designs, such as right-angle shot arrangement and balanced shot arrangement. The right-angled two-color machine can be used with a variety of two-color molds, such as: rotary, core rotation, core sinking, valve separation, core sliding. Two (or more) plastics are simultaneously injected into different cavities to achieve multi-color or multi-material effects.

The advantages are as follows:

  • short production cycle, higher yield than traditional methods
  • The product quality is stable and the scrap rate is low
  • Strong material bonding and less joints
  • Can create more complex dual-material products


2. Insert Molding

    Insert Molding is also known as two steps The method is processed by a general method or an upright injection molding machine. This method requires two sets of molds and two injection molding machines to fix the prefabricated hard rubber parts in the cavity of the second set of molds in the form of inserts, and then inject the TPE onto the hard plastic parts to achieve multi-color and multi-color. The effect of the material.


Software and hard materials

    In the application of dual material co-molding, different products will Different hard plastics are used, such as brushes, which use more PP materials, while household appliances use ABS, PC or PA (nylon). Since the characteristics of each specification or variety of TPE are different, and a single specification of TPE does not have good bonding ability with each type of hard plastic, it is necessary to cooperate with soft materials and different hard materials. Different specifications of TPE to achieve the best fit.

What glue can be coined with TPE?

  • PP,PE, ABS/PC Alloy

  • ABS, PC, ABS/PC Alloy

  • PA66, PA+GF